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Discord Grafo Volaverunt#1891
Twitter @grafovolaverunt

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Bandcamp Bandcamp
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Gemini Capsule gemini://

Smallweb friends

Social media tricked everyone into believing that people needed them to express themselves on the internet. Before it everyone used to make their own webpages and they weren't limited by anything. Whatever you want to say on the NET cannot be contained in an sterile profile.

This are some people who want to keep that magic alive

Sanhyo Koshka Let's learn together Teddy Bear Halo Ones Divides into Two Cinni Ocean Waves Vampire PDA Corvin Corvin Chompyumyum

Lainchan Webring

This is my copy of the (unofficial) Lainchan webring.
Lainchan strlst User-Index User-Index
slime-net Bendersteed Hellish Chemicals Born 2 Live
SIX10 J@cK#91 Xenobyte Flammable Duck
Tilde Gapand Friends Purple Void Flammable Duck Omicron
Working Sea Luke's Cabin Protocol 7 beedge website Dead End Shrine Chasm of the Abyss

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