Grafo Volaverunt

Welcome to my website!

Hi there! I'm Grafo. Welcome to my corner on the NET!

I like to make music, write some short stories and in this website you can find it all (alongside this blog where I write from time to time)

Also, in another note I still remember when the internet was fun and that's one of the reasons I made this. I could just dump my work in some sterile and lifeless social media wasteland but I rather spend the time shaping this space so I can present it in the best way posible without the format constraints of those sites. Why limit oursleves to that when we all have limitless canvases at our fingertips?


The NET is vast and infinite

Neo Aristocratic Decadence

New song! this time the video was made with scenes from the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Enjoy!

Watch my new music video! "Garden of Secrets"

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I will always make music no matter what but some extra money will always help to dedicate more time to it so if you really like it please consider donating to my Patreon or getting my music trough my Bandcamp


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